Listen up to min 1:55:

Notice the +++ or plus, plus, plus mentioned in the clip above?

Is Epstein in Israel?

The plus plus plus was mentioned in a Q drop below from over 2 years ago:

The IG report listed that crimes were committed against children. Ask yourself HOW WERE THEY SMUGGLED OUT? It is rumoured that there are videos from the dungeons beneath the Temple at Epstein or St James Island.

The Durham criminal investigation is due around Labor day or so…

What really happened in Haiti?

Is Little St James far from Haiti? Accessible by Submarine?

HRC or NP is that you?
smile for the camera H
POTUS drops this today, then 1 hour later Q drops. BTW, ST JAMES ISLAND = EPSTEIN ISLAND
Remember the 5:5 maker from above? 5:5 means ‘mssg understood and acknowledged
The hunt for a rogue submarine
The Hunter become the Hunted
Ray Chandler = C-handler or child handler
Their attempts to censor will fail

Marina or Michael Maxwell? Who is Ghislaine’s Sister?

White Rabbit

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