Maxwell AND her Father Robert Maxwell are MOSSAD Agents and worked for England’s Intel Community MI6. The Dungeons on Epstein Island were wired for video. Business and political leaders were filmed and blackmailed… [control them]. Epstein was not the king pin. He was a puppet. Maxwell [Father and Daughter] are the directors. Rothchild family and a few other bloodlines own ALL of the Central Banks [since 1913]🏦 in the World including the Vatican bank [WW2]. This is why we are saving Israel for last. 9/11 – Truths will be revealed.

Hillary, is that you?

Mission Forward

Human/Child Trafficking is the KEYSTONE. notice the band aid on left index finger.

++ Rothchild + Soros House of Saud +++ [removed]

Published by lowmaintlow

I am a PATRIOT Former Navy trained in the art of Navigation. World Traveled. I've received my education in the cities of the Nations and then some.

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