VICE Interview becomes Q hit piece.

Vice Media released a hit piece against Qanon today called “Down the Rabbit Hole”. They actually interviewed Sean Morgan, an upstanding Patriot, for a full 30 minute recorded video call. They did not use one single minute of that interview for the documentary; only used the interviews with low IQ individuals in an effort to discredit our Movement. VICE turned the interview into a COVID19 Hit Piece. So much for “journalistic integrity”. 

Fun Fact…Vice is owned by Disney which is implicated by Epstein scandal. Also owned by Soros and THE VANGUARD GROUP [DIG ANONS] Did the Vanguard Group have offices in the Twin Towers?

Please Watch the Real Interview and then the Vice HIT piece: 

Hit Piece on Q—>


Real Interview—>

We Are What Matters Now

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I am a PATRIOT Former Navy trained in the art of Navigation. World Traveled. I've received my education in the cities of the Nations and then some.

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