1917 “Kansas”

Was the Federal Reserve formed in 1913?


Any of this related to 11/3/20? Did POTUS shift control away from the Fed RSRV? Do you believe in coincidences?

Is power being restored back to the people of the US?

–> MUST LISTEN: https://youtu.be/_ZLVxsZTYLc

Mail-in voting?


Did Hussein and Admin fund Wuhan bio-lab 3.7 million? Then Hussein accurately predicts the pandemic along with Gates and Fauci? https://twitter.com/me_think_free/status/1252233493213515776?s=21

Morning sun brings heat
Missions forward

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I am a PATRIOT Former Navy trained in the art of Navigation. World Traveled. I've received my education in the cities of the Nations and then some.

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