A ‘conspiracy theorist’ I AM NOT. I research for myself. I think for myself as I always have. I trust myself. Think for yourself. Trust yourself. Connect the dots. People that label others as Conspiracy Theorists are simply too lazy to do the research themselves. Period. No one is saying that the Murder of Margery Magill [Washington D.C dog walker fatally stabbed in random attack on IRVING STREET is connected with Omar, but is it? We do know  Eliyas Aregahegne was arrested in woman’s death. No known motive. Is this  anything more than a ‘random’ killing? My instincts tell me there’s more to this story. In most cases there is more to the story. You decide for yourself.
Here’s what we do know: Recently, a Dr. Beth Mynett filed for divorce because her husband Tim Mynett had been having an affair with Rep Ilhan Omar.  The next day an ethiopian national “randomly” kills a girl named Margery Magill while walking a dog on a dc street. The girl killed visually looked very similar and could easily have been mistaken for Dr. Mynett even for the age difference. The murder took place very close to where Dr. Mynett works and lives.
720622d8d5139e39f23f7e9cdcaf473d5d3a4518Dr. Beth Mynett     Margery Magill
Here is what I find most curious and peculiar that I discovered only this morning. Dr Mynett spent ALOT of time at the local DOG PARK! Logical thinking tells me this SAME dog park where Margery Magill was returning from as she was a Dog Walker. Time to ask yourself this question… Do you believe in coincidences?
Who is Eliyas Aregahegne and maybe even more importantly WHO is his ‘therapist’? Did Eliyas spot Margery at the Dog Park. If so Why was he there? Did he intend to kill Dr. Mynett but there was a case of mistaken identity?

If there is more to the story, and based on the facts there very well ‘could’ be. The DC police need to check the cell phone records of all of Tim Mynett’s associates and then their associates. BTW, Guess what Timmy does for a living? He’s an expert at high-level fundraising for Members of Congress…  He’s a “PROGRESSIVE”. Don’t take it from me, research for yourself.

Here’s the part where we can surmise potential motives: Tim Mynett started the  firm “E STREET GROUP” in July of 2018, according to LinkedIn – only one month before, with the financial help from none other than Ilhan Omar who paid at least $250,000.00 for its services, and that’s the money we know about. Is this start-up money? Is there more money we do not know about because it’s not on paper?

Did Dr. Mynett, Tim’s wife tell him that he is going to be sued? Or did the divorce filing just randomly appear out of the blue a few days ago? If he knew in advance was he worried about losing money as the Head of his new outfit; E Street Group, which Omar just helped him create? Did Tim know he was going to be served?
Here are some facts you need to know about…  You decide if they are coincidence:
  • Timing shows ALL events recent
  • Tim is having an affair with Omar
  • Tim just got a BOAT-load of money from Omar
  • Omar is having an affair with Tim
  • Ilhan Omar is not getting good press coverage due to affair [optics]
  • Ilhan Omar denies affair so Is she lying about affair?
  • Does this bode well for her immigration status in any way shape or form since that is also being investigated as POTUS stated on camera two weeks ago?
  • Omar paid E STREET GROUP with OVER A Quarter MILLION Dollars for ‘services’
  • Would Omar benefit from the death of Dr Mynett?
  • Is Ilhan’s husband seeking divorce?
  • Would Tim benefit from the death of his wife?
  • Tim is being sued by his wife Dr Beth Mynett
  • Margery Magill closely resembles Dr. Mynett
  • Dr. Mynett closely resembles Margery Magill,
  • Margery Magill loves dogs and walks dogs in same area as Dr Mynett
  • Dr. Mynett loves dogs and walks dogs in same area as Margery Magill
  • The fact Eliyas is even in the same area where Margery is walking the dog
  • Eliyas randomly selects a red headed woman walking a dog
  • Eliyas Aregahegne is from Africa
  • Omar is from Africa

In Summary, I find too many odd coincidences, especially the timing. If the facts are true, then you have to ask yourself how many coincidences before it’s a statical improbability? I have only spent a couple of hours researching the persons connected to the story. I believe there is a person or persons that I am not aware of potentially involved. The bottom line is this: Either it was a random act carried out by someone with mental problems or it was a failed hit job. The only way we are going to find out is if the DC police and homicide investigators do their jobs properly.

The truth is potentially one of the two scenarios [or a 3rd which I am missing].

  • An Immigrant randomly selected Magill to murder just minutes away from where Dr Mynett is often found, who recently filed to sue Tim who is guilty of an affair with Congress woman Ilhan Omar
  • Tim Mynett at the behest of Ilhan Omar may have conspired to commit murder with the motive being financial gain and to prevent the further tarnishing of Congress Woman Ilhan Omar’s reputation for carrying out an illicit affair which could cost her not only a re-election but her status as a legal immigrant due to an active investigation.
  • If you can find any more facts that appear as coincidence please let me know.

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I am a PATRIOT Former Navy trained in the art of Navigation. World Traveled. I've received my education in the cities of the Nations and then some.

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