Questions Reveal Answers.
POTUS on Hannity Last Night: POTUS hinting that Hillary will face justice [Min 5:48] files on not the WEINER Laptop, but listen carefully as he states Weiner SERVER/Computer. Think Open Source.
Here’s where the Spy Campaign Began with Hussein:
They’re holding out the IG Report for the right moment. Barr and Durham are already actively investigating the origins of the Fake Russian Collusion/Dossier hoax.The same players involved here: CIA operatives Kurt Douglas Volker and Edward “Ned” Price [CIA WHISTLEBLOWER] recycling their Russiagate hoax into this new Ukrainegate made up fairy tale, this report concludes, they undoubtedly believed that enough American people had already been so media brainwashed into believing false Trump collusion claims they’d accept any pack of lies being foisted on them—but whose belief in this is, also, their greatest failing in this impeachment plot because Trump knows what they’re going to next before even they do—and is why their lie filled whistleblower complaint [Sue Gordon. Acting DNI Dir] was met and destroyed by the actual transcript of the phone call proving Trump didn’t conspire with Ukraine—it being proved beyond all doubt that Trump has the full legal authority to ask Ukraine about any criminal investigation thanks to treaty signed by President Bill Clinton authorizing such requests—Ukraine itself confirming that it doesn’t even have an investigation ongoing against either Joe Biden or his drug addicted son Hunter—as well as Ukraine further declaring it has no knowledge at all about any monies Trump was supposedly refusing to give them—facts which the Democrats then countered with cover-up claims because Trump placed the transcript of this call in a highly secure computer server—but which happens to be the same exact computer server President Obama placed the transcripts of his calls with foreign leaders into too—thus making it no surprise at all that this impeachment plot is falling apart faster than it can be put back together—and that will soon be met head on by a professional multi-year criminal investigation into all of these Deep State coup plotters and their leftist mainstream media lapdogs based on actual facts provable in a court of law. In a nutshell, this is an attempt to get HRC back into power as well as to cover for Treason committed by the Left. Get some Popcorn. Enjoy the Show!

FYI: [Sue Gordan] former acting DNI Deep State plant [Dan Coates] deputy… Endorsed by Rhino’s, rejected by @POTUS

[WHISTLEBLOWER] deep dig: SUE GORDAN – [The Farm] We are the news now


Joe D. was an ORIGINAL FISA court Judge…
listen to what he says:
He said Brennan will need 5 attorneys. You watch. They will all eventually be labeled and tried as Enemy Combatants under Military Tribunals because that is what the constitution calls for.

Desktop screenshot (15)QMAP Qanon Drops POTUS Tweets (6)PLACEHOLDER79698b5b1e6187575dbd65f0abf11f95b2b9a7bf7636b4d13baade9b5bc98827


The Manchurian Candidate; HUSSEIN will soon be exposed. The Great Awakening is coming soon! MOVIE 2 coming this fall. MOVIE 1 is playing out now… FISAGATE.

This Impeachment attempt is being carried out by Corrupt Politicians at this very moment in our own Country because they know what Barr, Durham, Huber and Horowitz have been investigating… they see the writing on the wall and understand POTUS will keep his promise and he is DRAINING THE SWAMP. There will be a purge here in the US; it’s only a matter of when? Connect the dots.

The Next Performance has begun and we are witnessing it play out at this very moment… The Corrupt Politicians are attempting to illegally remove a duly elected President.

But wait!!! Have Faith – TRUST THE PLAN

QMAP Qanon Drops POTUS Tweets (10)

GJAwesomeScreenshot-qmap-pub--2019-08-14_8_14 (1)



Here’s the full exchange Trump had with reporters, according to The Hill‘s Jordan Fabian’s pool report.

“Tell us when you’re ready,” POTUS told the photographer. “Be careful, don’t push.”

“Our faces are tired,” one of the spouses joked.

A couple of seconds later, POTUS pointed around the room and asked members of the pool, “You guys know what this represents?”

“Tell us,” one reporter responded.

“Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” POTUS replied.

“What’s the storm?” another reporter asked. “On Iran? On ISIS? On what?”

“We have the world’s great military people,” POTUS replied. “Thank you all for coming.”

Kristen Welker of NBC News asked, “What storm, Mr. President?”

“You’ll find out,” POTUS replied.

MAINTAIN SITUATIONAL AWARENESS as the GHOST WARRIOR; BRENNAN has made threats.  Brennan knows he and many others are going to be indicted for TREASON:









































































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