Benghazi: Easily Explained

After listening to just a few minutes of this clip, and then reading over the accompanying articles, you will have basic understanding of what happened in Benghazi and how the Deep State Globalist Syndicate destroys Countries for their profits; using puppets like Hussein, HRC,  No Name, etc… There will be a price to pay and some have already paid [No Name].


Long story short on “Benghazi” – Hussein/HRC created a terror state by destabilizing Libya  After they looted and plundered the wealth of Libya Hussein/HRC funneled weapons from Benghazi to Turkey and into Syria and into the hands of ISIS.
I have the video clip all queued up @ min 4:30 where Dr. Janda so eloquently corroborates the above paragraph.
Below are additional accompanying articles and Q posts which also corroborates this is the truth. There is a little ‘kicker’ at the end of this blog which happened recently and has to do with ~~~ 50 TONS of GOLD ~~~



In no uncertain terms Hussein and HRC knowingly aided the enemy by supplying them with weapons and money. This is about infiltration of The Muslim Brotherhood. Is this the “Change We Can Believe In?”  Time Will Tell.

Will we find out who Alice & Wonderland represents?


Do you really believe the No Name went out on his own terms?

Learn the Comms.
Connect the dots.
Think for Yourself.

Finally, read this article to tie everything together: 


Now We Know.


What’s Next?  DECLAS, Public Awakening, Indictments Unsealed. Mil Ops for the HVT


enemy combatants

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  1. I believe Muslim Brotherhood is running Bernie’s campaign out in the open this time…I would like to believe he is being forced…maybe many of these politicians were threatened and do what they do to survive and keep their family safe. They all seem “low IQ” and easily manipulated. There was a point in Bernie’s 2016 campaign where I believe they infiltrated and then it was the in thing to support Palestine and afraid to offend Muslims, also become SJW’s. I also have a theory that people in Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and HAMAS are actually Khazarian fake Jooz…like Sarsour, they have hook noses Like Rothschilds and Rockefeller.They have infiltrated and twisted everything to brainwash us and could be using Islam for their politics. It gets hard to make sense of things when I keep seeing contradictions but this is where I am and I think Trump is going to set the real Jews free and that is possibly the real Palestinians.

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