LV Massacre. Solved. *UPDATED

I have solved the LV Massacre by answering questions from Q 92 and using logical thinking. I emailed the result to Robert David Steele and he agreed the solution was correct.



BIO from Robert David Steele who agrees with analysis of Q 92.

It’s simply a matter of connecting the dots and using logical thinking.

The info is out there… buried… but it’s there if you do the research and connect the dots. Here is mostly how I solved it. Watch this video then think to yourself, who has the motive and the most to gain. Think timing, think victims, then go from there.

Again, watch the video below and see how Crown Prince MsB rose to power… then read the two articles about Prince Al Waleed involvement. I believe he got wind of the purge [night of 1000 swords], and attempted to take out POTUS & MsB in LV. The Massacre was punishment for the new alliance after failed double Coup d’ Etat. After you’ve read the two articles, then read the Q posts to which I have filled in the blanks.


Here is an email I sent to Glenn who points out in his research that the shooting occurred from the lower floors:

Good Morning Glenn,

I read most of you post on LV Massacre and it’s very informative. I did my own research and based my solution off of logical thinking and answering questions to Q post 92. I sent the results to Robert David Steele, and he replied back pretty quickly that he “agreed”. That being said, I wanted to point out that I believe there is a connection between Brian Hodge and Marilou Danley. My understanding is they both worked at the Jupiter casino in Gold Coast Australia at some point. What are the odds of that? Then you have to ask yourself, what are the odds he would be in the room next to Paddock? I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that it is more likely Brian Hodges is Australian Intelligence black hat.




After reviewing John E Hoover’s video which shows shots being fired from Helicopters, we can ascertain the Black Op was of a much larger scope than what we know. Using Logical Thinking, I believe Paddock was an rogue FBI operative set-up to be the patsy for what would become a failed double coup d’etat, and that shots were fired from multiple locations; Mandalay Bay Hotel, Luxor and Helos. It does appear other shooters are positioned at the neighboring Luxor, and in the air aboard Helos… Remember, the Airport is literally yards away…  According to Q, POTUS and MBS had a secret meeting and this was the main objective for the Black Op. The massacre was punishment for the new alliance between US and SA. Less than a month later, the SA Purge takes place on 11/4/17 and Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal who POTUS called “Dopey”, was arrested and stripped of his billions in wealth.  Many dozens of others also arrested. The corrupt Saudis worked with rogue elements of our [CIA & FBI] to put together this plot because they were trying to stop the upcoming purge.

We are witnessing a Silent Coup this very moment in our own Country because the corrupt politicians here see what Barr, Durham, Huber and Horowitz have been investigating… they see the writing on the wall and understand the POTUS will keep his promise and he is DRAINING THE SWAMP. There will be a purge here in the U.S. it’s only a matter of when? Connect the dots.

HAVE FAITH – For God & Country.

QMAP  Qanon Drops   POTUS Tweets (9).png




LV Massacre occurred Oct 1st, 10:30pm. Jamal Khashoggi [assassinated in Turkey Oct 2nd, 8:30am or in LV time; Oct 1st, 10:30pm – Exactly on The 1 year anniversary of LV Massacre. Do you believe in coincidences? It is apparent that Jamal was executed for his role in the failed double coup d’etat of the Saudi Crown Prince MsB and POTUS which was to occur at McCarren Intl Airport which was only yards away from Mandalay Bay. Connect the dots… think for yourself.

It is also interesting to note that Jamal Khashoggi worked for The Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos who is a staunch anti-Trump activist. Think about how Bezos would’ve benefited from this black op… BEZOS in TURKEY on 1 Year Annivesary

Here’s what we know about Jamal:  Muslim Brotherhood connection, Jamal was not a ‘journalist’ by trade, he was a Saudi spook; #2 in Saudi version of the CIA and he worked for Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal.

Jamal Khashoggi assassinated 10/2 8:30am or 10/1 10:30pm LV time – the exact 1 yr anniversary of LV Massacre. Connect the dots… he was killed for his role in the failed double coup d’etat. If there were Saudi Intel Operatives working with John Brennan who signed off on the ’19 hijackers’ travel visas; and we have POTUS who promised to tell us who did 911; there is your motive

QMAP Qanon Drops POTUS Tweets (14)Desktop screenshot (21)

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