D5 Happened with Military Precision…

D5 happened. Anons know that Q is real and so do the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Hussein’s, Biden’s, Pence’s… Everyone is asking and wondering “What was in the envelopes?” Let’s start with what wasn’t in the envelopes. If all they saw was a “Q” or single word, their reactions IMHO would not have been of horror, fear, or utter shock as we have witnessed. A single word simply would not generate the reactions we saw. “W’s” response was one of overwhelming defeat, resignation, despair, and other near indescribable emotions that were so strong, he appeared shaken to his very core. He was also under the eagle-eyed Secret Service or “Security” agents that were ‘guarding’ him. No other had agents seated directly behind them except ‘W’. Laura’s painful look was of utter disdain and contempt as the vehement hatred-like lasers shot through her eyes, as they appeared to focus pointedly on POTUS. Jeb’s look was of fear, shock, alarm, disbelief, a touch of bewilderment [as usual] even helplessness; as he gasps [almost fainting]; looking around for a confirmation from someone, anyone besides Laura who just confirmed his fear is real and palpable. A “Q” or single word, IMHO would not have produced or elicited this effect on the readers emotions. Whatever was in the message; it had to connect to the reader’s emotions powerfully and near instantaneously. The contents of the envelopes were beyond compelling; immediately believable, familiar and exclusively intimate to the reader in order for MAX shock value. What or WHO is the most intimate at this moment in time? If you want the answer, then please continue reading below for clues to the solution and my thoughts on what the envelope contents included. The solution is INTENTIONALLY posted AFTER the carefully selected Q drops and the PREFACE Paragraph below, so that you, as the reader can come up with your own ideas and solution[s]. IF you come up with a result or solution different, please share and thank you for your time. -QAnon+

Q2522 is the key to solving what was in the envelopes… re-read past bread crumbs and then THINK LOGICALLY. I have put together a list of what I believe to be relevant and very revealing Q Drops/Crumbs. We have been given enough information. Here is my overall synopsis of the events that took place up to and including the contents of “The Envelopes”. Q2608 is important in confirming what we are witnessing on the very carefully orchestrated event that took place on D5 did happen and with Precision Military Planning. Do any of the envelope recipients give the appearance that they are in control or do they give off the impression that they are powerless? Q tells us to think logically. Q tells us many time WE ARE IN CONTROL, Who has the POWER? Deep State DID NOT and DOES NOT have the Control or Power to stop D5 from happening because if you read the drops and think logically you can clearly see that GHWB Funeral WAS THE D5. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES. Disinfo is necessary so do not let Q2540 “Well-played” throw you off from your logical thinking because we know that such an elaborate precision event so carefully orchestrated is not within the power of DS any longer. What we are witnessing is the systematic destruction of the Old Guard. It is important to keep in mind as you read the following select Q drops and in some cases cropped, so as to retain only relevant info as it relates to what I believe to be the D5 event. It is important to look at ALL the “ Drops combined paint a full picture.” as Q2523 states. Has the President ever made a statement that wasn’t true? Think Logically: If Timberwolf shares something in common with the Domestic Dog [No Name is referenced in Q1649 as: “Every Dog has his Day” and AGAIN in Q1936 [He did not depart on his own terms]. Remember: There are NO COINCIDENCES.  My Comments in BLUE. Q in RED to add emphasis on certain phrases.

Q76 Nov 4 2017 23:15:02 (EST)
What other bad actors have been paid by SA (bribed)(Not just D’s)?
Why did the Bush family recently come out against POTUS?
Who is good?
What are the laws in SA v. US (charged criminals)?
What information might be gained by these detainees?
Why is this important?
SA —> US
What force is actively deployed in SA?
Have faith.
These, the crumbs, in time, will equate to the biggest drops ever disclosed in our history.

Q119 Nov 6 2017 16:51:29 (EST)
What is money flow disruption?
List the Billionaires.
What family history goes back pre_WW1/2?
Why is this relevant?
Why did the Bush family recently break silence and attack POTUS?
Coincidence pre SA arrests? +++REMEMBER 2 days prior MbS of Saudi Arabia enacted Martial Law+++

Q1223 Apr 21 2018 12:05:51 (EST)
Think Wendy.
Coordinated – the “Awakening.”
Every detail accounted for.
Every scenario planned for.
Enjoy the show.

Q1649 Jun 30 2018 14:46:19 (EST)
Please do not let No Name off the hook. he is a disgrace to Veterans across this great country and needs to be held accountable.
Think SC vote to confirm (coming).
No Name action.
Every dog has its day.
Enjoy the show.

Q1936 Aug 27 2018 19:04:20 (EST)
[He did not depart on his own terms] REF: MCCAIN DEATH

Q2522 Dec 1 2018 00:31:55 (EST)
Re: GHWB USSS code name re: Timber wolf
The grey wolf (Canis lupus; also known as timber wolf) shares a common ancestry with the domestic dog.
State funeral next week.


Q2523 Dec 2 2018 13:03:21 (EST)
“They are unlawful enemy combatants”
Questioning: Graham > KAV re: ‘enemy combatants’ [unusual?]
Define ‘Treason’
EO effective 1.1.19?
DOJ Office of Legal Counsel opinion re: detain re: US Citizen(s) re: ‘Enemy Combatant’
Drops combined paint a full picture.
Do you believe in coincidences?  NO
May GOD BLESS those who fight to defend our great Nation.
We, the PEOPLE.

Q2537 Dec 3 2018 12:42:42 (EST)
Odds of a State Funeral on D5?
How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?
68–95–99.7 rule

Q2540 Dec 3 2018 13:16:01 (EST)
Well-played DS.
Please allow us to counter.

Q2548 Dec 4 2018 23:42:55 (EST)
You are witnessing something [firsthand] that many cannot possibly comprehend or accept as reality [Sci-Fi or precision M_planning?]
Coincidences > > > reveal w/o violating NAT SEC
Coincidences > > > mathematically impossible to be ‘FALSE’
Q2549 Dec 5 2018 00:01:07 (EST)
Logical thinking.
D5 drops 1st – last.
Content & Dates.
Huber drops 1st – last.
Content & Dates.
Role of Huber (as portrayed by ‘Q’)?
What are the odds (mathematical probability) that Huber would be scheduled to testify re: Clinton Foundation on D5? All Planned with Military Intel because Huber would not testify about ongoing investigations.
What are the odds (mathematical probability) GHWB passes away and the State Funeral date is on D5?  Planned Execution like McCain after found guilty by Military Tribunal
What other interviews and investigations were wiped clean (postponed) given a STATE FUNERAL takes up media coverage for a week?

Q2522 Dec 12 2018 18:43:11 (EST)
What were in the envelopes ???
Our promise to ‘counter’.

Whatever was in the message; it had to connect to the reader’s emotions almost instantly. It was very familiar and intimate to the reader in order for MAX shock value. Pending “Indictments.”

What or WHO is the most intimate at this moment in time? GHWB? IMHO the solution is this: The essence of the contents was confirmation of GHWB’s cooperation and proof of subsequent execution for TREASON.    -QAnon+

For further reading, here is a link to a great article and the Analysis of an Expert — Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Military Officer. See how it compares with your own thoughts and your own conclusions.

What did Laura see? https://youtu.be/Pfy5LnFmy7w

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